Exploring the Different Genres of Fiction

The first work of fiction was the King Arthur stories, written in the 1170s. Arthurian stories include Lancelot, Percival, and the Holy Grail. All were written by a Frenchman, Chrétien de Troyes. Since then, it has unfolded to something more throughout the years. Many have changed and evolved ever since, including the number of fiction genres and the readers’ predisposition to fiction. In this blog, we will explore some of the genres that have been on top of the readers’ preferences.

If you are looking to write or read a book, and you are torn on what genre you can write or read,  find out below:


There is a great reason why the romance genre is thriving since it existed in fiction—everybody desires to witness love and how it conquers everything, including the adversities that come with it. Many consider this genre simple, but its simplicity gives more space for other subgenres, making it compelling and versatile. When more genres are blended in one novel, the target market is broader, and the author can reach readers who submit to other subject matters. It should be your number one goal to reach a wider audience so your book will be known, giving you a chance to set foot in the hearts of many people. There is certainly a lot of opportunities when you decide to write for the romance genre.


If you are into creating a dreamy world or futuristic technologies, the fantasy genre may be the ideal one for you. Usually, this one would revolve around a world of myth and folklore. However, no matter how imaginary and unrealistic the events are in this genre, you still need to make sure that there is somehow an element of charisma, something that readers can relate to. Always remember that fiction, for it to be successful, readers should connect with it. Collete Jackson Fink’s Action pack Fantasy Fiction Novel, Daughters of Twilight, is an excellent example of a romantic fantasy book. Follow a tale full of adventures as it uncovers the mysterious secrets.

Suspense and Mystery

One of the top favorites of avid readers is this genre. They love to unfold secrets and mysteries. This is because they get so carried away when they uncover problems and mysteries with the main characters. The suspense just keeps readers engrossed with the storyline—a constant feeling of doom and impending puzzles just fuel readers to read more and more. If you are a big fan of this one, you surely will have many ideas for writing a novel that falls into this genre.


This one has the same effect with suspense and mystery, but this sure has more gut-wrenching feels. It usually involves blood-filled battles. It intends to scare and hunt readers to sleep. A good horror book usually has a suspenseful and frightening atmosphere. Mystery and suspense are some of the elements that a horror story should have, as both will keep readers interested. It may also overlap with fantasy and supernatural fiction since the plot and narrative of the specific genre always involve the intrusion of a supernatural force. If you love to experience fear, dread, repulsion, horror is for you.

Young Adult

The young adult genre often features a protagonist in the 12 to 16 age range. However, many older adults love it. It would speak and tackles the issues of a teenager or high schooler. Telling the story of a protagonist who tries to find a place in this world, many age groups can relate to it. It can either be that they have experienced the same encounters or are just being entertained by these issues. Primarily, it would also target social issues, which make it more relatable. Out of all the genres, this could be the most genre that can connect readers to the book.

Overall, finding a niche that you can read or write about matters so much to how you will feel. Thus, making sure that you are familiar with every genre that exists is a must. You need to know what element you should include, especially if you plan to write your own novel. May this article help you better understand everything that revolves around each one.

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