How to Improve Your Fiction Writing Skills?

Collette Jackson-Fink is an acclaimed and talented author who writes compelling fiction books. Her two most recent works are Daughters of Twilight and Sons of Twilight, which are both fantasy fiction novels containing riveting stories that combine together the elements of magic, mystery, and otherworldly. In essence, both of these booksbring something extraordinary and magical to literary fiction. If there is one thing these books prove, it is that Collette Jackson-Fink is a good fiction author who knows how to use her fiction writing skills in producing good literature. If you want to become a good and skillful fiction author like Collette Jackson-Fink, then this article is perfect for you! Below are some helpful pieces of advice on how you can improve your fiction writing skills.

Read a lot of fiction

There is an unspoken rule in the literary world that says, “A writer should be a reader.” Indeed, reading is a great way to enhance your writing. When you read all the time, your knowledge and literary horizon expand. You get to learn many things from various sources. Furthermore, both your reading and writing abilities develop. So, if you want to improve your fiction writing skills, then you need to read a lot of fiction. Learn from established authors in the industry. Get some inspiration from the works of others. Analyze how other authors write their stories, and develop your own writing style based from your analyses. To put it simply, read fiction to learn fiction.

Harness your observation skills

In writing fiction, the use of realistic characters, scenarios, and dialogues is important. Despite being fictional, fiction stories need to be as close to reality as possible in order for the readers to connect and relate well to them. Because of this, it is your responsibility, as a fiction author, to be realistic in your writing as much as possible. To accomplish this, you need to harness your ability to observe things, animals, places, and people. In essence, good fiction authors possess some great observation skills. Observation basically means watching how living things react or interact with either other living things or the non-living environment. When you are a keen observer, you can easily identify how things occur in the real life and write accurately about them.

Write based on what you know

This is an important advice when it comes to writing fiction, but many authors seem to fail in following it. To produce good fiction stories, you need to write based on what you know. This means that your stories should be about the things you already have some ideas on. Use your personal experiences in creating fiction stories. By doing so, you will find it easier and more fun to write. More so, your writing will tend to come out as more accurate and authentic. In essence, writing according to your experiences saves you from the possibility of forcing narratives. Your fiction stories will just flow naturally.

Write, write, and write

This might sound cliché, but it is actually a very important advice that you should keep in mind. If you want to improve your fiction writing skills, then you need keep on writing no matter what. Practice is the key to perfection. Although, of course, no one is an impeccable author, constantly writing allows you to enhance the quality of your works in the long run. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to master your fiction writing. So, keep writing each day. Do not allow errors and bad first drafts to discourage you from writing fiction. To become a great fiction author, you need to write, write, and write.

Ultimately, to improve your fiction writing skills, you need to put maximum effort into achieving what you want for your literature. Writing good literary fiction requires some time and practice. No one becomes a good and skillful fiction author overnight. If you want to improve your skills and produce more quality fiction stories, then you must read, observe, learn, and write all the time. Collette Jackson-Fink, for example, has been doing these things most of her life. She particularly began writing when she was only 13 years old. As a result, she can now create great fiction books that many readers patronize. If you want to be like her and improve your fiction writing skills, then be a passionate and hardworking author now.

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