Scifi has opened up a new door for for complex female characters. They are strong in personality and physically as well…and yes, they are powerful. You often find them fending off the foes that come against their men adding a climatic diversity to the  love story. No longer saying,”Help me”, but, “Let me help you.” As for concerning relationships? She now makes the first move, her feelings made instantly clear and she goes after what she wants. Her man. In “Daughters of Twilight”, the angel women of the garden act with boldness and without the necessity of playing mind or heart games that the women of earth some time tend to play. They are innocent and don’t care to play such games of deceit. She is open with her power but has the foresight to know when to let her man shine, better yet, make him shine, but her strength lays in the realm reality that together they have an intensity that is controlled and nurturing. There is no putting her in her place. It’s beside him. Although ‘Daughter’ is over run with amazing women with out of world powers, they still grave for their men’s protection and helping them to secure and advance their existence. They are women and men at their best.  Without loosing our perspective, we find we can honor the older generation and appreciate the generation without insulting either, after all the love we write about in Scifi flexes every way the imagination can take it. You see that’s so evident in both the Marvel and MC universes.

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