Have you’ve ever written a ‘killer’ character that you love to hate, then somewhere along the way this character develops a redeeming quality and suddenly the guy you hate becomes the one you fall in love with? Sometime making the bad guy plays for a different, unexpected twist or an unpredictable end. We as writers like to keep our readers guessing until the last page, right? Making bad guys, good guys can be risky, of course, but even scifi (even more so at times), allows certain privileges and that special travel visa outside the lines and expands our peripheral vision if we choose to, redefining the platform for the bad guy. “Daughters of Twilight” dares to give a glimpse of that in one of it’s most heartless un-digestible characters. In “Sons of Twilight” you find this same character tolerable, and finally in “Children of Twilight” you find yourself on his side.

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