Daughters of Twilight is an action drama book with a great touch of science fiction, an increasingly popular genre in literature. Generally, science fictions stories are characterized by their seemingly amusing, esoteric, and stirring nature. For its avid fans, science fiction is the most imaginative and most important genre of the present time.

By definition, science fiction is a literary genre that commonly deals with speculative, imaginative, futuristic, and supernatural concepts like extraterrestrial life, parallel universes, space exploration, and almost everything about science and technology. In comparison to pure fantasy, science fiction depends on scientific facts, theories, and principles when it comes to the overall fabrication of its characters, plot-lines, and settings.

As an appealing genre, science fiction has a fast-growing base of avid readers as well as authors. There are practically plenty of reasons to read science fiction novels. To begin with, science fiction offers a lot to its readers. Aside from being entertaining, science fiction can teach readers so many things about the world. If you are looking for convincing reasons to binge-read novels with science fiction undertones, then keep reading. Briefly discussed below are some of the many reasons why you should read science fiction.

It examines the extent of technology

More often than not, science fiction books serve as an analysis of the current technologies in the world. They talk about how these technologies are now changing the way people live their lives. To a greater extent, they tackle the possible implications that these technologies have on the cultural, political, and social aspects of humanity. In other words, these science fiction books speculate about where technology and other scientific innovation may take the world.

For example, several science fiction novels talk about artificial intelligence (AI). In the real world, there is a continuous progress in AI technology. In order to make readers think critically about the possible implications of this progress, some science fiction books like Ancillary Justice and Machinations talk about how AI technology, if not carefully controlled, may lead the world to an AI takeover in which computers and robots effectively take the control of the earth away from humans.

It emphasizes societal and cultural changes

As mentioned, science fiction books are often an examination of the current trends in the world. They provide a rundown on the changes that have occurred in the planet as technology has become more and more advanced. In some instance, science fiction books provide commentaries on whether certain cultural and social changes brought by rising technology have improved or impaired the way people live their lives.

For example, in science fiction novels like An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Kill Process, authors emphasize the cultural, political, and social changes that the internet and social media are currently bringing into the world. They identify the current trends that are characterizing the ways people relate to one another and to technology in the present time. While doing so, they provide readers with the choice on whether they will see the current world they live in as essentially good or bad. In other words, they make people look around, think, and reflect.

It stretches the imagination

Science fiction books contain new kinds of people, places, and inventions. For this reason, science fiction is quite distinct from all the other genres in literature. Because science fiction books often talk about things that the readers have never read before, they have the capacity to stretch the readers’ imagination. Sometimes, science fiction even has the power to tackle the unimaginable – it makes the obscure seem possible.

For example, in Daughters of Twilight, the main character came across what seemed to be the impossible – he confronted a creature who claims to have been cursed and cast down into oblivion within the Garden of Eden. In the real world, many people believe in angels, but it is quite difficult to believe that any one of them has actually already seen an angel. In science fiction, some things are so out of the ordinary that it convinces readers to suspend their disbelief. Ultimately, there are plenty of good reasons why science fiction is a must-read genre. Especially in this day and age when technologies are becoming more powerful and ubiquitous than ever, science fiction seems to have established itself as one of the most necessary literary genres of all. Without a doubt, stories of science fiction are important. They facilitate critical thinking by providing readers with analyses of the current world; and they stimulate creativity by giving readers hints of the possible things to come in the future. If one is to describe science fiction in one word, that word shall be all-encompassing.

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