When I read science fiction, I always look forward to a possible love story in the mix once I get past the introduction. I love the action, but I live for the romance. Action and romance blend well together in science fiction and paranormal romance.

What’s an action-packed love story to me? Being in love is a fantasy one easily indulges in. The best of both worlds, readers would exclaim, and indeed it is.

There have been big changes in fiction lately, most especially in the fantasy and romance genres. While the fundamentals of each genre remain the same, the creativity of writers have exceeded boundaries and defied limitations, thus presenting readers a wide range of narratives – endless possibilities in the cast of characters, setting, and plot as in the case of movies like Avatar and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which are sci-fi stories with hints of romance and The Time Traveler’s Wife, which clearly is the best definition of paranormal romance.

How could a fantasy fiction writer introduce a romantic subplot in her story? I would like to share a few pointers:

  • Other than just read tons of books on science fiction and paranormal romance, it is necessary to imagine scenarios. In other words, get creative with your imagination. For instance, if you have just watched a sci-fi movie with no love story in it, imagine one and then write it down in a notebook. This makes good practice for writing fantasy fiction.
  • Make the relationship the main focus of your story, and integrate it into the plot’s incidents. In Daughters of Twilight, I’m not writing about Asia in danger, but about her and Dane falling in love with each other against a background of danger and suspense.
  • Make the relationship exciting, not boring. What happens after they meet and fall in love with each other? Surely you wouldn’t put in anything that resembles an ordinary love story. We’re talking about a romantic subplot in an action-packed fantasy fiction. Serve the plot not just with mushy tales but a host of problems both protagonists must overcome. We need conflict – emotional, gut-wrenching, and unpredictable. Conflict is essential to romance and fantasy.
  • Aside from conflict, emotion is another important element. It is the heart and soul of romance. You must give your readers the strongest possible connection between them and the lovers. What your lovers feel and why they feel them, let your readers experience them. Make sure your lovers react to emotional situations effectively. Use all their emotions and don’t forget to emphasize their physiological reactions.

In Daughters of Twilight, Dane and Asia’s initial meeting is less than cordial. “Love at first fight,” as Dane later describes it. I wanted to introduce my lovers after I got the reader’s attention through the action, and when the action slowed down and the reader took a breath, I wanted the love story to be there waiting. In this case, I wanted a pure and virgin love that was deep and lasting. I had in introduce elements such as Dane being a virgin, Asia being a war angel protecting her sisters as they chose mates when suddenly and unexpectedly, she was drawn to Dane. As the story progresses, you come to know different couples such as Steel and Mariah.

What makes a love story so interesting to write and work out is how the lovers get past the walls, break the rules, and takes their love to the next level. Even in fantasy fiction, love can be unbreakable and everlasting.

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