I was intrigued by this tale right from the start. The author gives us some clues as to how the world was created and may change the reader's view on what we think of angels. The book is a fairly quick read and the author keeps the reader engaged throughout. I give this book a solid four stars.
Michael A. Newman, Amazon.com reviewer

"I really enjoyed this book. If you like an action drama with science fiction/ fantasy overtones, I believe you will find this a great read. Overall, this book was fun, interesting, hard to put down, and internally consistent. "
Sunday S. Smith, Amazon.com reviewer

"Discover an intriguing tale written by Collette Jackson-Fink that will surely transport you to a bold new world of thrills and excitement."

Ways to get Inspired When Writing Fantasy Fiction

Ways to get Inspired When Writing Fantasy Fiction

Writing fantasy fiction is a tough mental exercise (and editing the whole manuscript is tough work too). But it’s already a tough process from the start: thinking of what story to write about, what theme or plot device to use, how to describe the characters and...

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